What is a better way to release stress from your body and mind?

To release stress from your body and mind you need to understand first what is stress!!!

release stress from your body and mind

It is nothing but a weak state of mind that is not properly in sync with your body. A strong mind will never feel stress or we can say a strong mind person will never complain about body sickness. We are living in an era where corporate trainers always talk about how to manage your stress. It is hilarious, how could we manage stress when it has no existence.

We just need to manage our body and mind. Now a question arises how could we do that?

Is it by taking a break and going to vacation for drinking alcohol in the club or visiting Ayurveda healing village once in a year!!!

After working day and night in the corporate sector, people go for a short vacation to relax. In the name of relaxation, they end up having alcohol the whole night. The irony is that next morning they wake up tired and exhausted.

How about going to some Ayurveda healing village for a break instead of hanging out in clubs with friends? It seems quite boring!!!

Yes, it sounds not so exciting idea. This idea of vacation once in a year is great. Sometimes one needs to be with own self instead of with other company.

A vacation in Ayurveda Healing Village to relax your body and mind

Ayurveda Healing Village Coimbatore Move in Souls

We are living in a time when you and the people around you have lots of expectations. Whether it is personal, professional or materialistic needs everyone is running behind something. What is that “something” that nobody knows? Human needs or you can say greed never reduces with time, in fact, it keeps on increasing in each passing day. “Stop”, yes that is the word we need to say ourselves once in a year.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes many people who go for exercise or workout daily also become critical ill! Do you know why it happens?

It happens because we do physical exercise but forget to exercise our mind. And that is the reason we need to go to Ayurveda Healing Village.

My visit to Ayurveda healing village in Thirumalayampalayam an unforgettable experience

I was traveling constantly in the month of March this year for my work. Although I was wandering in many exotic locations in India somewhere in my mind I was looking for some personal space. My mind needed mental exercise instead of a physical one. I had visited Coimbatore for my work and landed up at a place called Vaidyagrama an Ayurveda healing village.

Before visiting the place my idea was that it would be an ordinary wellness center like any other commercial centers running in India. I entered the premises, greeted humbly by girls with smiling face. They offered a very nice herbal drink and trust me that very moment the drink relaxes you after a long journey. Thereafter, I went to my room that was spacious and soothing. The best part of the room, it has a sitting area attached outside a room and surrounded with all medicinal plants.

Medicinal Plant Garden Move in Souls

I was lucky enough, after reaching rain started. Still, remember the fragrance of mud that comes after the first rain of the season. I was introduced to Dr. Ram Das, a man who has dedicated his life to Ayurveda. Soon after meeting him he said it’s time for evening chanting and he asked me to join him there.

Agnihotra started followed with evening chanting by Dr. Ram Das. The way he chants that is amazing, it is not that he only chants but he completely dedicates himself to it at that time. An hour of meditation connects your mind to your soul and then to your body. After Dinner at my room, I had sound sleep. Although rooms do not have air conditions temperature inside the room was cool due to the structure of the house. It is built of mud bricks to keep room temperature 4 degrees less from outside. Everything there is eco-friendly and they try to give you food made from organic local grown in nearby farms.

Early morning so fresh and surrounding full of positive vibes

Morning in Ayurveda Healing Village Move in Souls

Next day starts with morning chant at 6:00 am for an hour. After meditation Doctor checks your Nadi that is usual practice in Ayurveda to know your health. Dr. Ram Das explained me very nicely what is my health problem and why it occurs. As per Ayurveda our nature of body is of three types Dosha; Vata, Pita, and Kapha. Based on the nature of your body you are prone to certain types of deceases. In Ayurveda they guide how we can take care of ourselves to avoid lifestyle diseases that sometimes turn to major diseases.

After my check up Dr. Ram Das told me that how does Ayurveda healing village works? There they conduct various activities in which you can learn how we could make small changes in our lifestyle that leads to a healthy and joyful life. As per your body condition Doctor recommend you Panchakarma treatment. It is not massaged therapy, it is more than that. We generally relate Pancha Karma with massage but it has various types of treatment and massage is one the part.

Mental Health in Ayurveda

In one of the interactive session conducted by Dr. Ram Das in Vaidyagrama, I got to know that actual healthy life of human being is 125 years, due to an unhealthy lifestyle we have reduced our age cycle and happiness of life. We human being are living against nature, we need to live with nature. Simple living is healthy living as per Ayurveda. Every human has a strong mind and in an Ayurveda healing village we connect to it.

Nutritious food in Ayurveda healing village Move in Souls

Dr. Kesari who is food expert tells you about the combination of food that is good for health. Because of our taste bud or unawareness, we are eating combinations of food that is unhealthy and poisonous to the body. Therein Vaidyagrama they are very strict with food and it’s timing to consume. They serve you very healthy Ragi or Red rice as main grain for the meal, served with vegetable and buttermilk.

Ms. Preeti who is nutritionist takes a cooking workshop to teach healthy recipe so that you can cook at your home as well. Here they work in all aspects to sync your body with your mind. We sometimes gain unnecessary weight due to unhealthy food habits. Even if you do fasting then also weight will not reduce. To reduce weight we need to have a balanced diet. As per Ayurveda, two big nutritious meals in a day is sufficient source of energy for our body.

Find happiness with underprivileged Children in Punarnava

olunteer in Children home Move in Souls

Once you complete your healing period that could be minimum 21 days, you can spend some time volunteering with Punarnava trust nearby. There they have made children home, they take care underprivileged children and teach them traditional way of living life. The way our ancestor used to spend in Bharat. You can teach them English, art and can take a personality development workshop.

There I met Mr. Somu who is Ayurveda doctor currently, he is taking care of children for their better future. I met Ms. Geeta who is volunteering there and working for old age people in the villages, their family has abandoned them. Punarnava Trust distributes two meals every day in the village for them. Apart from this they are working on eco-friendly pads for women and creating a hygiene awareness campaign regarding the same.

I was planning to stay there for two days since the weekend was approaching, decided to stay for 6 days. Rooms are wifi free zone, only you can access in the community area. It was kind of relief and a complete break from the outside world for me. After spending six days mind gets calm and body relax. I did nothing special just tried to follow their system and it helped me to connect with myself. This is what we sometimes forget in life. Such a break is very essential these days it helps to re-discover your selves once again. Meditation is like a supplement to your mind and such a place is best for it.

Community Dinner Move in Souls

Vaidyagrama nurtures love and cares with strong route values of traditional Bharat. Everyone is like a family here from administrative staff to a therapist to Doctor. Even visitors like us stay there like family. I met many visitors from all over the world there, although everyone belongs to the different country, religion and speak different languages, still, they all were enjoying a stay like a family, that is the essence of the place.

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