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They say travel turns you into a story teller and sometimes into a poet. If you too love travelling and has a story to share, then you are at the right place. Share your story on our platform and get rewards. This story sharing contest will run for 3 months and will start from 7th April 2017. To participate, send us your story at

Your travel story should cover following topic for competition:

1. Culture of one of any 5 states Himachal, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal & Meghalaya.
2. One Trekking route with altitude description of one of 5 states where at least one village should come on the route.
3. Photograph of Trekking routes taken by blogger.
4. Describing authentic organic food of that region.
5. History of the name of the Trek route.

Selection Criteria of Competition:

1. No copy paste
2. Words should be within 500
3. Writer should have visited the destination he/she is writing about.
4. Include at least 2 photographs, at most 5.
5. No more than 5 entry from 1 writer.


1. First Winner will get free trip to Nature’s Trail Bomdila.
2. Second winner will get free trip to Turkuk Valley.
3. Third winner will get free trip to Shepherd’s Trail Dayara Bugyal.

Happy writing!

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