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Our system is designed in such a way that we understand every human being must work hard to achieve certain goals. So we continuously follow the system and work hard all the time to improve ourselves. When in spite of all the efforts we don’t find wholeness then we look for real meaning of life journey. When materialistic possessions do not give us happiness we start our new journey where we want to discover our true happiness. The realisation is the beginning of new journey of life to discover-ourselves.

To understand this inner journey, the Saints in ancient time used to move to Himalayas to Meditate. The biggest myth till date is that one has to leave everything to do deep meditation in the Himalaya only. Modern world of science says that you don’t need to be saint or leave your current life completely to attain wholeness. Meditation is not just for the saints and seekers sitting in the Himalaya perhaps it should be a part of everyone’s life. We should take break from monotony of routine life and go for vacation. Choose a place for some time to practice meditation there.

One has to understand first what is Meditation? Is it a technique that can be practiced? Or it’s an effort that you have to do!!! Is it something that mind can achieve? It is not.

All that the mind can do cannot be meditation – it is something beyond the mind, the mind is absolutely helpless there. Where mind ends, meditation begins.

Yes – except meditation, everything can be done by the mind. Thus meditation is a key that breaks the shackles of ignorance and opens the gate to knowledge and wisdom. Meditation is your intrinsic nature – it is you, it is your being, it has nothing to do with your everyday activity.

How can we start our journey of Self – Discovery?

Initially take seven days break from your current routine to start your journey. During this journey you will identify that emotions and lack of fulfilment are habitual. You will learn to break real monotony of life to know fullness and wholeness that life always is.

We need to work on three elements:

1) Meditation: To Solve Your inner conflicts

During the practice of meditation you will learn simple technique to feel the freedom. How you become slave of your mind illusion! Slowly within few days you will solve all the puzzle of your mind. Soon you will able to understand that freedom that you were seeking outside your mind was something that was always there within your mind.

2) Yoga: Union of Body and Mind

In our daily routine life we become disconnected, especially from our physical body, a habit that is called neurotic self-involvement. The practice of Yoga is an opportunity to reconnect the body and mind in a wholesome way.

You will discover that Yoga is a method of physical self-discovery. It is a practice of deep listening to fight against negative thought comes in a mind due to various situations. A practice will help us to awake our consciousness to attaining peace and freedom.

3) Journey: To Know the world with awakened mind

Once you clear the blocks of your own mind leave your comforts to travel to rural places. Places where you can connect with nature to understand our ecological system where everyone is happy in spite of lack of modern materialistic things. Human being find its real happiness in natural ecological system as we are always been part of it. Learn how meeting strangers sharing love, affection and giving brings happiness in the surrounding that brings enormous amount of happiness within you.

These seven days of journey will prepare you to be yourself, a self realization that will make life journey as smooth as you always wanted. An energy that was always within you will help you to paradigm shift of your life journey.