People say it’s a land of spirituality and peace, I found it a land of my conveniences. This year when I started my journey in the month of May, I thought of seeking some mental peace first by visiting Rishikesh, starting from Dehradun.


Rishikesh has always been close to my heart. The magical aura it has bestowed on me when I faced the lows of my life and the adventures it has filled my life with whenever I was looking out for some, the place has always been on the top of my escape list. Spending my evenings sitting across the banks of Ganges, dipping my feet into its pacifying waters and thinking about all those precious moments of my life which can bring a smile across my face, it counts as one of the beautiful experiences of my life.

And yet once again, I was visiting Rishikesh with hopes of putting it all together and to find a new purpose. It took me an hour and a half to reach Rishikesh from Dehradun via bus. And I was again welcomed to Rishikesh with spirituality in the air and freshness in the surroundings. Far from the polluted cities and crowded spaces, these secluded roads offered their gaiety heart to me.

I was feeling hungry and having a look over my watch made the fact obvious as it was lunch time. I ordered for a plate of rajma rice and contented my hunger buds. Next, on my list was the health check up done by Ayurveda doctors. I was pretty keen on taking that as the healthy life style nowadays has escaped our lives. We have become so addicted to junk whether it’s the food or the life style. Doing a reality check at times is necessary to come in terms with the truth.

I wanted to spend my evening in solace and so decided to walk a few metres and sit along the side of Ganges. Seeing the clear and sacred water of the river gushing through the stones in its way tranquilizes me. Dipping my feet in the river brings along the positive vibes which gives me the strength to continue my journey.

I returned to my hotel after an hour and took rest after having dinner. I got up early the next day to attend a session on yoga and meditation. This was my favorite part. Rishikesh is an ideal destination if you are seeking peace and stability. Firstly, the morning aura is so blissful. And on the top of it yoga teaches you how to honor your body, keep it healthy and meditation allows you to shed all the tensions and worries. No matter how hard the life is and how much it demands from you, if you ever take yoga and meditation seriously, things will fall in place eventually. I felt awesome being energized and refreshed after the session and my mind asked me to make this a part of my routine rather.

Rishikesh - Ranikhet

I took my breakfast and rested for a while. An organic farm visit was next on my trip list and I progressed with it. A drive of around 45 minutes and I was there. Nature and its ways of favoring us in numerous forms made me feel gratitude towards it. Purity is not something you could ask for or verify, it is visible at once if it is present. And the organic farm was just the same.  I could smell the untainted and unadulterated crops which were planted there. I asked the lady who worked there to help me with a short tour around. She was glad that someone showed interest and took me instantly. She showed me some samples of fertilizers of organic origin such as compost, green manure, and bone meal which were used in the plantation and explained the techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting.

After some exploration, she served me the lunch there which was, of course, the organic food. My taste buds relished the yummy meal which comprised of yellow pulses and green veggies. I was so regretting my every day manias of unhealthy pizzas and burgers.


I came back and planned of spending my evening across the Ghats of Ganges listening to the ganga aarti. A huge crowd of devotees offering flowers to the Ganges and huge lit flames offering prayers is an experience to gather. I sat quietly at the stairs looking at the reflection of the lights in the waters and felt lucky to have watched it.

And my journey still awaits for more. For a simpler life of healthier life style and less worries rather than this cobweb of been operating as robots.

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