Leh Ladakh Sham valley

I always get excited about hearing the travel stories. After all, a place is all about its experiences and culture. So whenever someone narrates the personal encounters, I used to visualize things and make it my own. There were many Leh Ladakh stories too with the most interesting revelations about them. And hence, Ladakh made a clear cut place on the top of my bucket list from then.

As I was proceeding with my journey towards Ladakh, each passing day filled my heart with immense happiness. The journey from Sarchu to Leh was finally going to strike it off my bucket list. I started at 8 in the morning and my route plan laid somewhat like this:

Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang – Tanglang La – Gya – Upshi – Karu – Leh

Sarchu - Leh

The terrains are so risky yet beautiful and the landscapes portrayed the real land of adventures. I dint realize it was lunch time and we had reached Pang. I ate something and further continued passing through Skyangchu Thang, the biggest and highest plateau on earth on the stretch of 42 Kms. When traveled Leh, you might forget the counts of biggest, highest and largest’s you have gone through, that’s the specialty of the place.

I finally reached Leh at 6 in the evening and it was dark outside. Though my happiness levels knew no bounds, I was tired to hell. Checking-in into the hotel and resting was the only option I had.

My destination for the next day was Nubra valley, the cold desert with river, sand dunes and some scant vegetation. This seducting combination of various ecosystems pulled me magnetically towards it. I started my journey at 10 and soon reached the Khardung la Pass, the highest motorable road in the world at 5,602 Mtrs / 18,390 Ft. Prayer flags around the milestones provided a magnificent color to the surroundings to make it more lovable.

Leh -Nubra Valley

I reached Nubra around 3:30 PM and checked-in to the camp. After having lunch, I took the opportunity to explore the village nearby. The villagers enjoyed a simple and plain life style despite the adverse climatic conditions of the region. Even the children were happily adapted to the vulnerable surroundings that innocence was reflective on their playful faces.

After talking to some of the locallites, I came back to my camp, as the chill of the surroundings was making it very difficult to stay outside. Having my dinner afterwards, I had a sound sleep that day.

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