explore the unexplored destination

A place full of nature, somewhere in mountain passing by river, waterfalls and trekking trail parallel to the flowing river. In the morning waking up listening to music of chirping bird and staring at the snow-clad mountain. Sipping tea looking at a scintillating view of a place bring life in full swing.

What stops people to Explore?

  1. Afraid of traveling Solo.
  2. Not getting a companion for travel.
  3. Does not know how to reach less travel destination.
  4. After identifying a new travel destination, they worry about safety, transport, accommodation, and many other things.
  5. Communication is a problem to interact in the interiors with locals.

Blocks of mind never go if we keep on thinking about dos & don’ts. I being always an adventurous person in nature experimenting with things comes naturally. Many people think they are not adventurous. My dear readers every human being is born adventurous and fearless, it’s just we sometimes not able to know ourselves.

How to explore adventurous person inside you?

The first rule of becoming adventurous is that leave your comfort zone. Make little changes in your lifestyle, start waking up early in the morning. Do some yoga & meditation or exercise to keep your body & mind healthy.

One needs to ask themselves: “what is the purpose of traveling”! Purpose of such type of traveling must be being with nature. For many years we human beings have forgotten to live with nature. Nature is a great teacher where we can learn end number of life lessons.

If you want to explore the unexplored destination, forget all your worries. Gather courage and backpack, I will help you to explore India.

How to explore places in India?

India is a vibrant country. Covering over 115,000 km, India is having the biggest rail network in the world. It has connectivity to the smallest village of India in interiors. Apart from traveling by flight and private transport, we should travel on public transport like train and buses. Breaking our hesitation with a simple conversation leads to a new road that we never knew. Sometimes our happiness lies into next door that we never try to open. A habit of listening to other’s story makes our traveling more easy and joyful.

Beginning of my travel story from childhood memories…………..

India is a diverse country, divided into four parts. I will start sharing my travel story from northern India. Many times people ask me which part of the country do you belong and I end up laughing. It becomes difficult for me to describe from where I come, as whole India is within me. I have born and brought up in the northern part of India. Currently living in the western part of India

Attended schools in Dehradun, Jaisalmer, and New Delhi. Dehradun of the ’80s was one of the best valleys of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand State. “Mussoorie” a beautiful hill station, located a few kilometers away from this valley. This hill station is very famous. Adjoining to this one there are many other hill stations. I explored them in my late 20’s. Dhanaulti and Kanatal are magnificent hill stations consist of few villages. One of the best Trek routes is Nag Tibba at a height of 9,915 ft in this region.

Kumaon region of Uttarakhand has beautiful villages named Kota Bagh, Gugukhan, Mukteshwar, Chaukori, and Pithoragarh. Best trek of this region is Roopkund Trek. Explore the Pahadi life and its food in this region. Jim Corbett, Naina Devi Bird Sanctuary, Nainital Lake, Bhimtal lake, Nanda Devi temple, Kasar Devi temple, and Munsiyari are the attraction of Kumaon.

I lived in Jaisalmer for one year surrounded with fort and Haveli. We used to sit under Neem tree that was the savior from hot weather of the Desert city. Every weekend visited Jaisalmer Fort (Unesco world heritage Site) for shopping. There I used to eat Mirchi Vada(one of the famous snacks of the city). Sam Sand Dunes is popular for camel Safari near Jaisalmer. Best time to visit is winter season, nights are chilling and days are pleasant.

My days of fashion designing…………

New Delhi the capital of India and a city very close to my heart. Spent my teenage here, I always remind the youthfulness of the city. Explored the places, Kinari Bazar, Turkman Gate, and Chandni Chowk. Spending hours to match and search for things that we sketched was fun. These are the best places in the world for any Designer to create a unique creation.

New Delhi The fashion Capital of India is a favorite place for the fashion world. This is the city of inspiration, a city where fashion designer can convert their imagination into reality. Many Craftsmen work in the outskirt villages of the city. Many underprivileged men and women get employment in these villages. Volunteer with them and be part of their development.

What transformed me from Fashion Designer to Digital Nomad Entrepreneur?

Spent a decade in the fashion industry and worked with craftsmen from all over India. I have realised the Indian fashion industry has not exposed in full potential. India has immense talent in the form of craftsmen. We have some extraordinary traditional techniques to create amazing products. I invite fashion designers from all over the world to join my journey of exploration. Work with us to get an experience. We will travel to some villages and mountain regions where we can get inspiration to create a collection. Fashion Industry needs revamp and inspiration. Last year I visited Aryan Village in Ladakh where I was amazed to see the colourful costume of ladies in their 80’s. Every part of India is vibrant and full of inspiration.

Few years back I started exploring Himachal Pradesh, an adventurous destination and paradise for Trekking. Kinnaur is a region popular for delicious apple and fascinating landscape. Local culture and its costumes are the best inspiration for fashion designers. Nature gives you inspiration everyday. Those who love mountain and trekking can do few treks Bhaba Pin Pass, Kinner Kailash & Bhuran Ghati that start from Shimla. Sorotu Meadows and Shanagshilla Valley are few easy treks for 2 days hiking that start from Manali.

I have traveled to other parts of India from east to west to south. And curated a unique kind of Itineraries for my fellow travelers. I am creating a self-discovery travel community who travel for a soul. Let’s share each other stories of traveling.

Come join the community, be a part of the transition to make a sustainable world. To know more about my Unique Itineraries e-mail at: somasaha@moveinsouls.com