Leh Mountain-Dessert

I just could not get enough of Leh. No matter how long I stayed, how many people I talked to or how much of its lifestyle or culture I absorbed, Leh continued to surprise me at every next step I took.

Leh – Kargil 

Continuing my journey towards Leh – Kargil highway along the Indus river, my destination was Sham valley covering various marvels over my way. After around 25 kms, I took a halt at Gurudwara Pathhar sahib to pay a visit. It is created in the memory of Guru Nanak Dev. The story of the place goes somewhat this way that a demon tried to kill Guruji with a heavy stone which actually turned into wax after touching him. The stone is still kept at the Gurudwara and people worship it.


I had just carried on with my journey and another 4 kms brought me towards the magnetic hill, the magical place (quite literally). The spell there was  that the magnetic force is so strong that it can pull cars/vehicles uphill defying the laws of gravity.

The road is lined up with a specific area marked with paint to experience the phenomenon. I tried it too and quite to my shock, it was true! After talking to people around, I got to the depth of the mystery. That actually came out as a natural optical effect. The short stretch of the road that appears to be uphill as a matter of fact is downhill and this is the reason why vehicles slowly gain momentum at the specific spot.

Zanskar River

My day was full of amazements and wonders and I loved it. Further passing through the picturesque landscapes, I got to see the confluence of the Indus And Zanskar River, the pure and natural sight. Next I visited the Likir monastery. In the isolation, this monastery houses a 25 feet statue of Buddha predominantly made of Gold and is a perfect place to attain some peace. I sat there for quite some time and took my lunch.


I continued my drive along the River Indus visiting Rizong Monastery. The Leh monastery is majestic and is known for its extremely strict rules and standards.

With so much to recount for the whole day worth spent, I decided to take some rest and hence reached the camp site. The day holds a special place in my life as it gifted me a bag full of lifetime pleasant memories.

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