Digital nomad entrepreneur

A Newer way to run your startup

Since the Ancient times, the human being is a traveler. They traveled solo, in a group or community in the search of livelihood. Recently in few decades men and women have become the slave of their comfort level and turned into insecure being. Come out of insecurities and enter into a new era called Digital nomad entrepreneurSometimes you feel you are stuck into something, you are running a successful business but not feeling happy about it. You don’t have time for yourself and your family. If your feelings are like this then digital nomad entrepreneur is a perfect solution for you. It gives liberty of time to manage your personal and professional life together.

How to transform from Traditional Entrepreneur to Digital Nomad Entrepreneur!

At the beginning of starting any new project or venture, we scared of failure. But once you start traveling your fear vanishes. Like traditional businesses, this has also various challenges. Sometimes you break emotionally, feel lonely but this could happen anywhere even at your office or home.

  • The concept of your Business should sync with a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Don’t start alone choose a partner who understands your style of business. If you are constantly on move you need someone who can support you. Most important you can trust him/her.
  • Try to stay in WIFI zone at least 40 hours in a week.
  • Select a remote location to work as per your nature of the business.
  • Need to be dedicated to your venture.
  • Even you are on go try to update your client regularly.
  • Deliver work on time so that you can build trust with the client.
  • Be in touch with everyone through social media.

What type of startup you can run as Digital Nomad?

Any startup comes with many challenges. Choosing a nature of business wisely is the most important decision one needs to think about.


There is a huge gap between the rural and urban population. As a digital nomad, we can fill that gap efficiently. With our experience, we can educate and create some system to provide employment to needy population. We can work to create a sustainable world and going back to basic. Following industry we can choose to work as a digital nomad:

1.Agro Farms  2.Agri-tourism  3.Health Tourism  4.Textile Industry  5.Lifestyle Products  6.Education  7.Training Centre  8.Forest Restoration  9.Wild life Reserve  10.Waste Management  11.Eco Home Construction  12.Water Harvesting  13.Solar Power  14.Organic Café

Before moving out of your base city save your all data online. Research about the places you will be working from. Make sure your co-founder is efficient enough to finish the task in your absence. When you are on go, start the collaboration with like mind people. Always remember any Entrepreneur’s success depends upon the team you are working with.

You are welcome to join me in my journey to create the best places in India to work as Digital Nomad. Eat healthily and stay happy, to be part of the transition. It’s time to go back to basic.

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