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We are Community Organisation working for Rural India. Our community is working constantly to save organic India. India is known for its rich culture throughout the world. It’s saddened that India’s population is influenced by westernization. We have forgotten Authentic India. Industrialization has brought fast economic development. On the other hand, it has destroyed India’s rich culture and rural India. Authentic India was always been Eco-friendly and very pure in form. India is lucky enough with nature and its climate. Lack of proper education and poor industrial development has negatively affected the environment of the country. Hence, the urban population is getting sick mentally & physically. Whereas rural India’s population is struggling for survival due to natural calamities and proper financial support.

Save Organic India Living LLP

Save Organic India Living LLP has been formed to make survival of Rural Population easy and maintain it’s authentic beauty & innocence of people. We are here for Sustainable tourism to empower our Rural Population, save our farmers and urban population from industrialization & modernization. For this many renowned artists, yoga teachers, photographers, designers, food experts, physiotherapist, and psychologist has joined hand from worldwide with our Brand “Move in Souls” to conduct events designed by us at rural places of India. We keep on welcoming more experts to join our community and conduct their workshops in the events designed by Move in Souls to save organic India.

Our core team of event designer, coordinator, mountaineers, farmers, trekkers, and doctors are constantly working on creating such events where travelers will get a feel of our old tradition Athithi Devo Bhava means guest are God.

A Spiritual Adventure

Move in Souls to the adventure destinations where you can purify your Soul in the lap of nature with various programs designed by the organization.

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Our mind and emotion affect our physical health that is unexplained or unknown. We are primarily spiritual beings. Our spiritual nature is perfect. It has been described by the mystics in many ways, such as a state of enlightenment, unconditioned, luminous, unconditional love, unborn, God, Nirvana. In this natural state, we are free from fear, insecurity, needs or wants. We lack nothing. In fact, this is complete and all-embracing.

We are now unable to experience this pure state because of the imprints, defilement, unskillful habits and patterns of thoughts that we have accumulated over and over again. These imprints or defilement leads to tendencies that obstruct our awareness of our true nature. Diseases and illnesses whether physical, emotional or mental, are a reflection of the disruption to our natural state. To heal ourselves, we must realize our true nature. To re-experience our natural state, we must purify ourselves by removing all our defilement in thoughts, words, and actions. The more we purify, the more we can re-experience our true nature.