3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads

Travelling has become new addiction of today’s generation. All of a sudden everything has started surrounding travel. New era has arrived travellers are ditching hotels to experience the real essence of the place by staying with locals. Travellers have found new way of consuming, moving and interacting. Travelling is no more visiting new country, taking picture of monuments or staying in hotel room. Staying with locals is indeed a new experience to feel the energy of the place and observe the diversity of the culture. Being part of their day today life and making new friends. Share personal stories and learning new languages. This is unconventional way of living but a unique way to be close to humanity. An experience that teaches you to stay humble and respect all.

Kumaon Offers Homestays in off beat locations

People are quitting their full time jobs and becoming Nomad Traveller or Digital Nomad. It is a new way to re-invent your freedom and work from remote locations. Singapore, Bali and Thailand have become most popular country among Digital Nomads. But soon India will not be lacking behind as this country offers most amazing beauty of mountains with lesser cost of living. India has homestays with amazing host and they are placed in offbeat locations.

Since 2017, I have turned into Digital Nomad Entrepreneur and exploring places to work from remote location. Kumaon is the best region in Uttarakhand district where you can find best homestays amidst forest. Digital Nomad not only can stay in Kumaon but they can get work as well. Uttarakhand has many opportunities you just need to explore them. My journey of past two years took me to Naina Devi Bird Conservation Reserve in Nainital District. After staying there I had decided to work from there.

1.The Oak Trail Lodge

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Best Homestay amidst jungle in Kumaon

Walking down the mountain, I could not see anything, clouds covered everything, I walk the lonely path unafraid, trying to find my way, was tired, exhausted when something stirs in me, wind started blowing, taking clouds away, I saw a house painted by forest’s fragrance. Something echoes in the air, I sat upon the rock, looking at the house, felt like paradise on earth, took deep breath, started walking again, I got reason to climb the mountain once again.

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Eco stay in Kumaon

As I could see my dream house far away on the top of mountain, I call this house dream home, built amidst jungle on the top of mountain, where silence is your companion, and trees, flowers, clouds, birds, are your friends. A sweet home where your heart filled with tranquility, serenity, love and devotion. In the night a soft breeze accompanies the starlit sky, moonlight throws her light to convert this place into the complete heaven. Few days of my life spend like I was living in the dream world somewhere in the mountain.

Dinning Room

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Enjoy Organic Food

Here, I met a wonderful host Bobby who travelled around the world and settled finally on the top of mountain. I just loved to hear his stories of travelling. He beautifully described how he did his budget travelling! He initially made this house for his personal use where he used to live alone while enjoying the tranquility of surrounding. But later he decided to open for travellers to create some employment and engagement for locals. He has collected marvelous pieces of artifacts and other decorative things from all around the India. His dinning hall gives you the feel like you are living in all the magnificent places of India. Guests are served with delicious local and continental food. This place is best suited for writer, artist, filmmaker, musician, nature’s photographers and all the people who love to live with nature.

2.New Age Homestay 

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Best Homestay For Bird Watcher

“A poet is born amidst cloud in the mountain, listening to the music of nature”.These are the best words describe this homestay. Once you enter here, a soothing music passes through your ear that is nothing but a pleasure.

You will be greeted by your host and dost Naresh, his simplicity and love for nature will make you stay there for longer. He is a mountaineer and he worked as guide before setting up his homestay. He knows many secret places in Uttarakhand, they are still untouched by seasonal tourist, and hiking with him will be a treat. When you will hike with him in the morning, feel and hear nature alive. Chirping of birds and sound of leaves on your every steps make your mind relax. There will be a moment, you will feel its better to lost in jungle rather than in the concrete. At least in jungle you can find yourself.

Sundown Cafe

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Himalayan Style Organic Food served

He runs a small Sundown café where you can listen to his music collection. Enjoy herbal tea, watch mesmerising sunset when sky turns into different shades. He himself practices Ayurveda style of living, the food is served on your plate will be local grown organic food. Feel the pleasure of an evening in front of born fire with your host Naresh and watch him play music on his guitar. This place is best for hiker, bird watcher, yoga & meditation practitioner and music lover. If you enjoy loud music then this place is not for you. This is the place where you can live in silence listening to the music of nature.

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Magnificent Colours of Sunset

Move in Souls team will be conducting “Mental Health Workshop” regularly here. To participate in the workshop please check availability every month.

3.Scarlet Jungle Camp 

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Eco Homestay

Walking down the road, I fearlessly enter into jungle, where adventure runs wild. I enter into paradise on earth, where I feel peace into the wild. I enter into the lap of Mother Nature, where rich is beauty of wild. I enter into the wonders of God, where I listen to the music of wild. I fearlessly enter into the wilderness, where my heart goes wild. Naina Devi Bird Conservation Reserve is a destination for wildlife lover.

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Homestay amidst cloud

A jungle camp & cottages are set amidst wilderness by Mukesh, who is fond of nature. This is his dream place and he is nurturing it with all love for nature. Here, one can do various activities like hiking, Jungle walk, photography, bird watching or volunteer in organic farms. He has made one dinning hall for guest, organic food served here with Himalayan style. Mukesh along with Kiran runs this cozy homestay. Their simplicity will touch your heart. Kiran is mountaineer and guide who will help you to explore the local villages. Bhrahmstali trek starts few Kilometer away from here. You can enjoy overnight camping there.

3 Best Homestays Amidst Jungle In Kumaon For Digital Nomads
Live in the wilderness

This place is best for co-living and “Move in Souls” team is coming up with Volunteer programs here. Stay tuned to our facebook and instagram pages to know the dates.

“Move in Souls” team is trying level best to develop Digital Nomad Hubs in India where all travellers can feel at home. We are learning and transforming, support us and guide us to make these places best for Digital Nomads in India. We believe in community living, world is changing and we are getting ready for it. Our effort is to make world better place to live together. Join the self-discovery travel community. Co-living is the future of the world.

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