Take a journey into the Himalayas with Move In Souls!


Someday we all wish to go on a trip, far away into no-man’s-land, just to discover our-self. Someday we all wish to go somewhere and never come back. In quest of peace and self discovery, we have started our journey. A journey beyond the sky and the earth. A journey into the holy Himalayas. A journey of self-discovery. A journey to the abode of gods.

Be it the monasteries of Spiti or the peaks of Dhauladhars, we will not just explore the place but live the place. From prayer flags of Ladakh to the deep valleys of North-East, we will touch every tradition, culture and taste of the Himalayas.

MoveInSouls is calling all wandering souls to join our travel community and be a part of this journey. This is your chance to live in the lap of nature.

Still thinking? Drop us an email at info@moveinsouls.com to join us.

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