Rudraprayag – The confluence of my body and mind


The inspiration and calmness which Rishikesh offered me with, made me more curious and excited for the rest of my journey. I prepared myself to encounter any sort of miracles throughout my trip.  I also came to terms with the fact that just going with the flow and progressing aimlessly was harming my one and only life and I was doing no justice to myself by looking for the temporary happiness.

Hence, my quest for the life of purpose and eternal happiness took me further to Rudraprayag. I covered the distance from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag via bus in around 5 hours. On my route, I savored the taste of organic lunch which had become more of an addiction for me now.

Rishikesh – Rudraprayag

It’s not always about the taste of food, at times its about the satisfaction it offers you with. I was glad that my meals were now leading me to the healthy life style. In my thoughts, I reached to the point where I could see myself as a healthy old man leading a life on my own fulfilling all my wishes. Where I dint need to be dependent on someone to take care of me.  Yes, that was what I wanted. A healthy life, which I could live on my own terms.

It was 3 o clock when I reached Rudraprayag. The confluence of 2 rivers: Alaknanda and Mandakini. The weather was pleasant and the confluence point was colossal. The fierce flow of waters from both the rivers strike together as if checking out that which one is the stronger opponent and the next moment gets along with each other to move further as the inseparable lovers. I enjoyed this convergence for quiet some time closely and then got myself prepared for the yoga camp.

At the banks of river Mandakini, a yoga site was set up and I was all set to travel to the virtual world of peace and composure. An hour of breathing exercises and stretching routine was enough to imbibe me with a sense of more positive outlook on life. Also, the trainer stated that regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness and helps in increasing body awareness. I made up my mind to do it daily for the sake of a happy and contented life.

After a short walk towards hotel, I had my dinner and thought of resting henceforth. I had done enough to call it a day-worth-lived. The before-sleep thoughts made me realize that I was on the right path of making my living worthwhile.

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